Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dating Game: The Worst Email Ever

I will share with you an epic email from a man that I met a few weeks ago. After seeing each other at the same place twice he asked me for his number. Although he did not look to be my type, I was open minded and gave him my number. I really didn't want to give him my number. We exchanged a few casual emails, calls, and then we both stopped talking. Normal enough. Then, out of nowhere, I get this epic email that is beyond anything I have ever read. Mind you I am not religious nor have I contacted him in over a week. I thought I would post this email to help make all people, married or single, feel better about themselves. I have so many things to say about this email, but I will let you make up your mind about this eligible bachelor.



Ever since this morning when I emailed you, I’ve had additional thoughts that I hope you don’t mind me sharing. I apologize for not having followed-through to call you up to see if you wanted to go to a Good Friday’s service last week. Even though I got the impression that you’d be a bit hard-pressed for time, I was upset because you went to a Maverick’s game with your friend. You had every right to do so and I was simply being selfish on my part.

I respect your honesty to share with me your agenda. Thank you! When I read that you were going to a game with him, I was resentful because your being with another person resembled my dad who was openly and publicly with another woman. In short, it hit a nerve...not by your own doing, but by sheer temptation. Also, going to the Maverick’s game was reminiscent of previous scars from my past from wily females who flaunt being with another guy simply for the sake of making me jealous. This was not your doing, but just another temptation.

I won’t voice the third area other than I’m basically traditional.

I hope this makes sense. I’m not asking you to agree nor am I asking for an opinion. However, as I stated in this morning’s e-mail, I am concerned for breaking trust. I don’t want to add to your scars. To make plans and then not follow-through is wrong.

You are an extremely unique person to be with. I enjoy being with you and hope to continue to do so but it needs to be mutual. If not, then I respect that. You have alot to deal with now and I simply don’t want to add to your stress. Since I said I’d call you up but didn’t, you have every right to be suspicious of me if I attempt to make any future plans with you. I reiterate what I stated this morning: I will do anything you want, whenever, whatever, to remove the lingering doubt or any animosity. I became exactly what I didn’t want to be. I’m sorry for being the dork.

My sincere apology,

PS: Maybe we could go to a Sunday Mass and/or brunch?
PPS: An ‘e’ was accidentally omitted from your name in this morning’s e-mails!
PPPS: I’ll be thinking about you when I’m driving and listening to the radio to see my nephew play baseball tomorrow. Some day, I’d really like to take you to a little league baseball game. I know that it’s not the most exciting thing for a girl to watch we could sit together, talk, and feel the cool breeze.
PPPPS: Today was so much better after hearing from you. I see you as a woman, a person, whom I want to be with. I don’t know how else to say that, Shelley. I hope that you grow, change, develop, and are encouraged as much as I am with you.


Q: What is the name of the head waiter of a restaurant?
A: Souperman!


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