Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bikini Ho' Down

What kind of shady dealership is called "Bikini Auto"?

FM 1187 and I-35W
Burleson, TX

Dark Forces

Just in case you were wondering what Rosemary's Baby was up to these days...

HWY 67
Toward Cleburne, TX

Pucker Up

Anything with "Hole Bunches" in the title sounds sexual. Period.

Burleson, TX

Toe Jam

I bet I know what they are into.

Ramp on to I-35W South by 1187
Burleson, TX

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Every Dog Has His Day

"Sex Police, K-9, Doggie Style Unit." A true professional.

I-35W North by Rosedale
Fort Worth, TX

Saturday, August 18, 2012

University College University

Okay, putting University twice in your school name is odd enough. Then you add college to the mix. I'm I suppose to take this seriously?

The Gayler Estates
Burleson, TX

The Village Idiot

This person couldn't get his FedEx package into the box. What to do? Leave it next to the box in packaging clearly showing an HP Printer. If it wasn't enough, they had already picked up at this location for the day. What are the odds this package was till there in the morning?

Post Office
Burleson, TX

Mad About You

I don't care how far out in the country you live, I would hate to see this huge thing on a daily basis. (Click on the picture to zoom).

Cleburne, TX

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Uncle Rico

"Snapped this one for you! Airport waiting area in Denver. Long way from Cali buddy...." Got to love a sighting of a shirtless mullet man getting into his sweet van.

Submitted by my good friend Dustin G.

Denver International Airport

Friday, August 10, 2012

Nothing is Ever Free

Say what?

Arlington, TX

Chips and Dip

They got it right in Spanish, but not so much in English.

Thanks Brandi M. for this great submission!

Johnson County, Texas

Wardrobe Malfunction

Like the badass he knows he is, he doesn't have to explain why he is walking down the street at 5 pm with a dresser.

Keene, TX

Drummer Boy

The things we do for a fundraiser.

Burleson, TX