Monday, June 25, 2012

The Princess has Arrived

Between the "Princess of Denial" and the "Fuck Cancer" bumper sticker all I knew was I had to take a picture. Click on the photos for a larger view.

The Arbors
Burleson, TX

The Duggars

Seriously? How many old french fries do you think you can find in this car? (And yes, this blogger can be seen in this pic doing her thing).

Gateway Plaza
Burleson, TX

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Now, I wore some very odd things in school but they always covered me up. There is no way I would let my teenage daughter go out in this. No way.

Vista Oaks Housing Addition
Burleson, TX

The Dating Game: An Observation

Okay, this might not look odd but let me explain. This was not a work car (no company name, logo, etc.) with a "How's my Driving" magnet attached. There was a single man about my age driving. Could this possibly be a new way to pick up chicks? Could this be his cell number?

John Johns and Wilshire
Burleson, TX

Caravan of Dreams

I am sure many of my viewers were children in the 80's and 90's. One legend I always heard was if you see shoes hanging from a power-line it was code for a drug house was on that block. Do you think this applies with vans that have dark tint?

1-35W South
Burleson, TX

Band Geek

This one is for all my fellow band nerds, past and present.

Burleson, TX

Jungle Fever

I think this chimp was doing exactly what you think he is doing on the other chimp. TMI!

Fort Worth Zoo
Fort Worth, TX

Red Rum

Look closely at the window (click the image for a closer look). Is that blood on the other back window? What is that sun visor covering up?

Dollar General
Joshua, TX

Greetings from Grad School!

Greetings! Sorry for the delays in posts nowadays, but I am currently "enjoying" my second semester in grad school. Grad School and having a life is sometimes way too hard. I am alive and will post as I can. I still have lots of pictures to share, such as this loving picture of myself enjoying the zoo. Who knew this teenager was going to "photo bomb" my shoot. I am pretty sure she hates me.

Fort Worth Zoo
Fort Worth, TX

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jesus Freak

Thanks Stacy F. for another great submission. (Plus the license plate is my initials.)

Somewhere near Alvarado, TX

I'm Not That Innocent

 When you call your Probation Officer, adding "innocent" before your name doesn't fool anyone.

Officer Gayler's Office
Cleburne, TX

The Clean Up Job

There is something so gross about seeing a carpet cleaning service at a strip club.

Flash Dancers
Fort Worth, TX