Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Return of Mini-Kilt Man

Alert! Mini-Kilt Man is back! This time he has talken it up a notch. He is rocking the denim mini-skirt look. If you just happen to forget Mini-Kilt Man, check him out here.

Thanks Cathryn for another great submission!

January 2012
Burleson, TX


  1. What a great option to shorts! What the heck..I don't see any reason why guys can't rock skirts. Men have been wearing skirts throughout time much longer than women and many are short! Men's gym shorts are about 12" long and that is the same length as the average "mini skirt" sold in family department stores and a "micro mini" at 10" long is the same length as some men's running shorts so what's the big deal?

    Not having tubes of cloth dragging over the legs and additional crotch seams IS a big deal most men don't know about!

    Yeah, guys will have the exact same issues women have with a flash now and then but if you got undies on so what! Your covered! No big deal.

    Men's fashion hasn't changed in the last 150 years or more yet women with their more open minds have been able to adopt EVERYTHING on the men's side of the wardrobe.. so who's the stronger sex! Hahaha

    Here's some guys in similar situations as the guy in the pix above: Notice they still look like guys just as women in pants look like women so what's the issue? It takes a "sexually secure" guy to wear a skirt before they are vogue and women generally recognize that and find the guy "intriguing" thus he will get more action than the local jock... don't believe it? Be man enough to try it!

  2. I am Mini Kilt Man. LOL!

    I'm a Freedom Lover of the First Order. I laugh hard, cry easy and love deeply. I'm an Army Veteran and damned proud of it. I did 25 years in the Lay Ministry in the Southern Baptist Church and am now a Free Agent with my own religion, the Fellowship of the Gittite. I wear kilts every day, work and play, and I take great pride in my Celtic Heritage. I'm a Hard Working Blue Collar, Dump Truck Drivin', Heavy Equipment Operatin', Flirtin', Highly Educated Poet and Philosopher who makes no apology for being and acting like a man.

    If you'd like to know me better here's my Facebook address:

    And don't worry about anybody from Scotland or anywhere else 'kicking my ass' ... you don't get away with wearing what I wear if you don't have the bod (and balls) to back it up. LOL I get nothing but compliments from both men and women anyway. Feel free to ask to take my picture too, I'd love to pose with you next time. Last, Men, you really don't have to wear pants.

    Kilt ON!

    Chris Webb

    1. Are you homosexual?

    2. and i think you look like a very nice man as well

  3. Hi Chris! It's not very often I actually hear back from people in my pictures. Maybe my blog has hit the big time :)I appreciate that you have a good since of humor and I would LOVE a picture with you sometime.

    Kilt on :)


    1. Its funny how we men are being constantly pushed into a mould on how we dress when women have absolute freedom. I have read alot of women's comments on blogs regarding kilts and they are the ones that say its not manly and just plain wrong for a man to wear a kilt or skirt. Well imagine if they were told they looked like a lesbian wearing pants and masculine shirts. Anyway Chris keep doing what you are loving and more power to you. I wish I had more guts to do it as well. Good on you Shelley for doing a picture with him.
      Signed a completely normal hetero guy.

  4. I love seeing pictures of Chris! He rocks his kilts and has the great legs to make it look that much better! He lived up the street from me when we were young, we went to school together for a few years, I even baby-sat for his little brother. If alot of things were different in our lives, I'd chase him down in a heartbeat!


  5. Awesome dude! I, myself, wear 12" mini kilts, but will only wear 16" and longer kilts among family. Been told many times my shaved legs are sexy, and enjoy feeling the freedom and showing them off!

  6. I (Isaac) posted the above comment. I enjoy people taking pictures of me as well. Most negative comments, have usually come from the ignorant and old. Otherwise, its largely positive! And my wife loves how I look in them too!

  7. I wear kilts daily as well as skirts, there is no difference. My skirts and kilt range in length from 14 inches to 24. I do prefer the shorter one more and wear them more often. I only have I that is longer than 18 inches. I agree a man wearing a short skirt is no different than wearing jogging shorts or a woman wearing a mans outfit. Come on lets get equality going and be fair both ways.

  8. I do wear kilts daily. Although most are a couple of inches above the knee, going mini would be a large step. Even though my jogging shorts are shorter than any min skirt. More men need to take that first step to kilts. Such freedom . . .