Monday, December 19, 2011


I have been trying to get a picture of this thing for 2 years! Every time I see it I am going the wrong direction to get a pic. The pictures are horrible since it was dark and I really didn't feel comfortable using flash.

Yes, this guy is chilling (see that hand up on the passenger seat...ohhhh yeahhhh...) in what appears to be Corvette/Truck. I went ahead and changed lanes in order to get a side view.

Check out that body kit! One day I will get a better picture, but I swear this truck is my "Bigfoot". I know it exists, but hard to explain to others. Plus all the pictures I take are kind of blurry like the amateur home videos. 

I hope this blog post did not offend anyone that drives a real Corvette.

FM1187 and I-35
Burleson, TX

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