Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from Galveston, TX...

I have been in Galveston all week at a work conference, but as always, I find time to take random pictures. It's not a road trip without at least one good picture for the blog. Case in point:

I am not sure what this is suppose to mean, but it was available for purchase. Maybe that picture isn't random enough. I have more. Check this out:

"Check Cashing, Tacos, Minows (sic) & Worms". One stop shopping in Conroe, TX. Since I haven't posted many pictures in awhile I think I owe you at least one more picture.

Some of you might remember at my last training were someone was eating hard popcorn kernels (Click here). This time a guy didn't go without his bottle of B-12. No joke. All 3 days he brought the B-12 bottle and I never saw him take one. Not once.

Glad to be back to Northern Texas!

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