Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dating Game: Freak Show

 I have not posted "The Dating Game" for awhile and I apologize. It's not because I have a lack of content, but have been busy with other things in my life. In this installment I will showcase some of the pictures I should have posted for Halloween. Just remember, all the guys featured live within 20 miles of me and have contacted me on a free dating site.

Bachelor #1: The Joker
When this is one of the more normal pictures you have posted I see a huge red flag.  Plus I don't think think this is a good profile picture for "everyday" use.

Bachelor #2: Mr. Come Smell My Flower
Unless you are trying to pick up kids with your dating profile, there is no woman alive that would find this "hot".

Bachelor #3: Mr. Big and Tall

Some angles are never good. Period.

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