Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Dating Game: Fun With Photoshop

The search for "Mr. Right" continues and this blog wouldn't been half as fun without my good "friends" I meet online. This time I would like to showcase the great photo editing and enhancing I have found in my inbox. As most of you know, all the men featured have contacted me and live within 20 miles of me. Since I have a degree in Graphic Design I know I am be a little critical when it comes to Photoshop, but I think we will all agree this is just plain bad.

Bachelor #1: Mr. Cultured
I have no idea what compelled this man to create this "art". It had no caption. No explanation. It is what it is: Crap.

Bachelor #2: Mr. Notice Me
Wow. That's subtle.

Bachelor #3: Mr. All About the Benjamins

Bachelor #4: Mr. This Never Happened
You know, you could just crop her out of the picture. I guess this was much easier, plus women love to see pictures of you with past girlfriends.

And the search continues...

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