Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Dating Game: The Profile

This week on The Dating Game I am going to showcase one profile for you. This profile is one of the "best"  I have seen in awhile. Many of you who view this blog are out of the dating scene, but this one can be appreciated by all. This is a straight copy and paste from his actual profile with no editing. The message he sent me was wrote in the same style writing as his profile. Sorry for all the reading this week, but it's worth it. Now, it's time to experience who I call Mr. Dressed to Impress...

Mr. Dressed to Impress - Age 28

About Me

"well my hobbies i am a geek i play card games video games read comic books and manga and watch anime but i like csi and other shows as well but over all icalm down by working on deck ideas and fixing computers

my goals to get my life together i really have 3 goals for this egt a good job get a g/f and keep my car running i am a computer tech so that is a good job but msoitly i end up being a taxi for people at the moment but my dream is to have my own place travaling the world as a tech and to ahve kids with the girl i will marry

what makes me unique that one is a hard one to say i think of my self as a hero and try to help people when i can i have a open mind and heart and can be friends with anyone i do insane things i am a cosplayer so i dress up in hot cloths on hot days for fun with friends and i allways try to find ways to make things work

my taste in music is all over the plac ei msotly like rock and alteritive but i lsitne to techno a lot and i can lsiten to anything"

First Date
"my frist date i am a fan of dinner and a movie or a long walk around a park or a long car ride around the area i think i like the wlak around the park more the park i like to hang out at has a small area of water and palces to sit it looks beautiful when ther eis a full moon out"

I was left speechless and hints why I did not reply back.

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