Friday, April 15, 2011

The Note: Story of a Weekend Dad

I come home and I see a car parked across the street from my house with two notes attached:

Of course I proceed to the car to read what I thought would be a "hate" letter of some kind. This is what I found:

This is what the note said from what appears to be a small child:

"From Logan Wilson. I saw your car and I wanted to say Hi and I Love You much and I can not wait until next weekend".

That is too sweet. Made me smile. Thanks Logan for being such a loving person.

The Gayler Estates
Burleson, TX

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  1. Dude. I skimmed the note and totally thought it said something like "I saw you on Match" (, and I was horrified that a mentally retarded person was stalking someone whose profile they had seen on